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Aviation English courses and lessons geared to the ICAO exam inglesaviacao.net.br Cursos e aulas de Inglês para Pilotos, Controladores de Vôo, Tráfego Aéreo, Mecânicos, Comissários de Bordo, de Voo, Tripulação, aulas on-line ou em brasília com professores nativos English Solutions Brasília

English For Pilots And Air Traffic Controllers

Course Entry Level
You should have a level of English which corresponds to intermediate or above. Students should have established conversation and comprehension skills in English and a knowledge of aviation terminology would be an additional asset but is not necessary.

Methodology and Objectives:
To prepare both pilots and ATC's for ICAO operational level 4 or above. by developing proficiency in pronunciation, grammatical structures and sentence construction in both standard phraseology and plain English.

Vocabulary build up in both common and work related topics. Build both fluency and descriptive powers of the student with the objective of being able to produce stretches of language at an appropriate tempo without pauses.

Extensive comprehension exercises which enable the students to understand linguistic variety and accents variety helping the student to work in difficult linguistic situations.

Develop interactive skills to enable the student to maintain exchanges and demonstrate descriptive ability and deal adequately with possible misunderstandings by checking, confirming or clarifying.

Focusing In
If you are already preparing to take the exam or are an existing aviation English student and just want to focus in on your weak areas then we can structure lessons to your requirements or even go through an exam simulation with you. Book a trial lesson with us so we can evaluate your English and identify any weak areas that will require improvement to successfully pass operational level four or higher.

New Students
We have a comprehensive range of intensive aviation English courses which will ensure that you achieve a far greater level of competence and proficiency in all the required ICAO exam areas, consequently improving your chances greatly of passing the exam. Contact us and speak to a consultant about your plans.

Extra Curricular Activities - Think English
On a day to day basis there are many things we can do outside of the classroom to improve our fluency in another language. Thinking in English for example, this is not a process which requires money and will not eat into your valuable time but can bring many benefits to you as an English student. Thinking in English is a very powerful exercise, and you may be surprised at how many times you lack vocabulary or structure for a given topic or situation. As an exercise think of an incident or problem that occurred in the air or on the ground. Go through the problem and imagine you are interacting with a controller or colleague to describe the problem or situation in plain English. You may be surprised at how difficult it can be. Go one step further and record your part of the conversation and listen back to the recording. Be honest, be critical. How was your accent, was your pronunciation acceptable, could you produce flowing stretches of language could you articulate well? This is just one of many things you can do to improve your English outside of the classroom.